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Thread: who's going ?

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    Re: who's going ?

    I'm sure there will be a set meeting place at a certain time. Maybe Webby will bring the banner from the tailgating party!

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    Re: who's going ?

    "VikesfaninWis" wrote:
    "WBLVikeBabe" wrote:
    Aww come on VFW, Singer still has some available tickets!! You should totally come so you can buy me that drink!

    Is this thing worth a 5 hour drive? If it is, then I will strongly consider going to it.. Let me know.
    Hell! It's worth the 5 hour drive just to see WBL, Neumdog, Shock & Webby! The draft party is just a bonus! :wink:

    Like WBL said I'm still sitting on 4 extra tix right now. I will of course be there as will my daughter Viking Queen.

    We are leaving the cheesehead behind this trip. So if anyone is interested in one or more of my other 4 tix let me know.

    VikesFan4Life, I haven't received the tix yet, but as soon as I do, yours is in the mail. I'm expecting them this week.

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    Re: who's going ?

    To far for me to drive with classes. :cry: I think I would be late for class! :lol:
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    Total Est. Time: 16 hours, 22 minutes
    Total Est. Distance: 993.54 miles
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