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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    Born and raised with purple blood... I was a Bill fan for a while but they were just my 2nd fav team... I liked the Bills cause of Phil Hanson!!! My uncle is one of his friend... Phil is from Oakes, ND and my uncle lives there so he knows him pretty well!!!

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    I started watchin football in 2000 when the vikes lost to the giants 41-0. And since then, I never changed my team and never will. I waited for 5 yrs before gettin to watch them back in the playoff. And boy oh..boy, i will never forget the Vikes-Pack game ever..period. I watched it in ESPN zone bar in downtown Chicago surrounded mostly by packers fan.

    My fav player., Randy Moss ...period

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    im just gonna copy and paste what i put on the free beer board as it tells my story...

    as you may be able to tell from my cunning nickname i am english which must be something of a rarity amongst nfl fans, i'm 19, law student, from brighton on the very south coast of england right below london and i've never even been to america so i guess that makes it even more unusual that i would be here.

    before last seasons pats/panthers superbowl i'd never seen a minute of american football, a friend of mine followed it and i watched it with him as i'm a big sports fan and will watch anything on really. as we were watching he was explaining the rules to me and i found myself thinking ah this is one hell of a sport, i stayed up till 4am watching the whole thing and then was slightly annoyed it was so long till the season started again.

    over the summer i bought madden '05 for my ps2 and had some fun on that and when the season started again i was interested to see it. i watched the first couple of games that were shown and put a £5 (about $12 or something i think) bet on the eagles to win the superbowl to keep a bit of interest.

    i got more and more into it as the season went along and towards the end i was watching 3 games a week, at this point i had no team to follow specifically other than hoping the eagles would win for my bet.

    however one night i settled down to watch the game and it happened to be vikings v packers, i started out neutral but it was annoying me so much that the vikings seemed to be far superior but the packers still won. this kicked something off inside me which just made me really angry and really wanted the vikings to come out on top of the packers overall. so in the following weeks i was following the vikings games much closer than any others, reading a little about the team online and was happy to see them into the playoffs to get a shot at the packers.

    the playoff vikings/packers game was shown live here and i realised i was hooked, from the very start i found myself jumping up and down and shouting at the tv in support of the vikes and was ecstatic when they won.

    next game against the eagles i continued in the same excitable way going crazy for the vikings, despite it going against my bet, which really made me realise that this was my team! sad to see them lose but was happy to have found a new passion in life.

    to feed my fix in the off season so far i've had to use the internet as nothing off nfl gets reported here in any other form of media. but if anything this has only stoked the fires. i know far more about the team now than i did during the season thanks to reading about it rather than watching a couple of games. I watched most of the combine via despite not really having much of a clue what was going on and since then i've been reading lots about the draft and the free agency.

    i searched on the net for a vikings message board last night and was happy to find this awesome looking site! i spent most of the evening refreshing the draft/fa board in order to follow any possible viking moves and was still up at about 2am our time when we signed pat williams and was delighted.

    god i've gone on a long time there! i'm sorry, some of you may want to wait for the paperback edition of that before you read it lol, but in short, i may not know much, but oh how i love my new vikings

    and best of all, without even knowing of the rivalry between the vikings and the packers my love was feuled by seeing the packers being a rubbish and lucky team, justice was done in the playoffs

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    I hopped on the bandwagon in '98 when i was 9 and haven't gotten off and don't plan too....Randy's probably the real reason i fell in love with the team but ohh well I still love the vikings.
    so yeah eatingpieinbed some friends of mine

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    my story:

    my father was an eagles fan and always will be. unfortunately for me he treid brainwashing and bombarding me w/ eagles thoughts and eagles stories and u know how that is. i was okay w/ the eagles but never felt a certain closeness like i do know w/ the vikes. i always loved watching football and would watch as many games i could. then i could only watch the 1st half of the monday night game bc that was as late as i could stay up. then i was watching the tv in 98' and saw a commercial for the double header game. i saw highlights of them. i was immediatly hooked. i kept it secret my first year and silently cheered for the purple & gold. then i paid more attention and in a couple years and understood football more and i wasnt so shy about the vikes nymore. actually, not at all. i have liked the vikings ever since. even though my viking faith may not run as long as yours it is sure deep as any viking fan. i am now the only viking fan in
    h-town. 8)

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