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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    Okay folks,
    I have been wanting to post this question for a long time now so I will finally do it. I want you guys/gals to share with the rest of us when and how you became a Vikings fan. I don't care if it because your favorite color is purple; please tell. What I do not want to see is people getting into arguments about silly stuff such as who is better than who, you don't know what your talking about, and personal attacks on others. Respect what others are posting. This may give others a kind of feel for one another. So, I will start off:

    Okay folks,
    I have wanted to post this question for a long time now so I will finally do it. I want you guys/gals to share with the rest of us when and how you became a Vikings fan. I don't care if it because your favorite color is purple; please tell. What I do not want to see is people getting into arguments about silly stuff such as who is better than who, you don't know what your talking about, and personal attacks on others. Respect what others are posting. This may give others a kind of feel for one another. So, I will start off:

    I am 30 years old. Born in Fargo, ND and have lived half of my life there and in Minnesota. I do not know exactly when I started being a Viking fan as a boy. I did not have a father around that watched the games. The first football game I can ever remember was the 1982 Super Bowl. Then I started to watch football and the Vikes were on every week. I think I may have had a couples shirts and my grandma had an old bobble head. So, I naturally associated my boyish love for the game with the Vikings.

    Tommy Kramer was the best. For my birthday one year I received a Vikings #9 jersey, used shoulder pads, and a Vikings helmet. I would get all dressed up (my mom would put black make-up under my eyes) and throw the football to myself. At age 10 my mom got me a subscription to Football Digest. I was always excited when it came in the mail and always looked for the Vikings in it. I started to collect cards and hit the jackpot when I pulled a Viking out of a pack. The police also handed out special cards too. Every time I saw a police car I was flagging him down for a card or two.

    Through Jr. High and High School I was still a big fan. But, at that age a lot of things come before football; girls, cars, and parties. I joined the Army out of High School and the Vikes again went on the back burner. I was deployed a lot and did not get to see much football.

    Not until I got out of the Army with my first son and soon-to-be wife, did I really get a chance to sit down and watch football every weekend. When satellite TV came out, I was saved. Since 1998, I have not missed many, if any games. With every year of age and maturity, I find my passion for the Vikings increasing. This site has also helped kindle the fire for the Purple too.

    I have met a lot of fans of other teams, but few who I think can stack up to my faith in my team. Sometimes it gets to the point that I do not even want to talk football with anybody in fear of hearing so idiot who thinks he is a faithful fan make a fool of himself in my mind. My ½ bathroom on the main floor of my house has Vikings wallpaper, posters, bobble heads, clocks, towels, autographed 8 x 10’s, and such. In the next couple of weeks I am going to get the Norseman tattooed on my shoulder! I want to paint my full-size truck purple and have a horn on each side and the Norseman head on the hood (so airplanes can see it).

    My favorite player of all time is Cris Carter. I have a Yahoo Group devoted to collecting his cards. I know all of the big Carter collectors out there, and I am in the top 3. I have over $8,000 worth of his memorabilia. I live 45 minutes from the Hall of Fame. I will be in the front row when he is enshrined; I hope you will join me.

    Ok, that was a little longer than what I thought it would be. Sorry if I bored some of you, others may not have read it all. So, post your stories! I am interested in reading them!


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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    I was a Miami fan in the early to mid 80's 'cause I loved that Marino-Duper combination. I remember though, how I wanted the Vikings to win that '87 NFC championship game against Washington, after that they stuck with me and replaced Miami as my number 1 team. I remember how the Vikings seemed interested in Marino before he retired.

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    I was born a Vikings fan I think. My mom and dad have always been huge football fans, namely huge Vikings fans. I've lived in MN my whole life so I've never had to worry about not being able to watch the game.. (except for when they used to black out games due to ticket sales and even then my parents would usually pack us in the car and take us somewhere where we could watch them) Being a girl I can't say that I was huge into it. I'd kinda pay attention to the games growing up, but mostly I was more interested in playing with my dolls and such.

    My love for the game really took off in high school when I would go to our HS games on friday nights... I loved being the only girl that really understood what was happening on the field (I can thank my parents patience for that since I asked a thousand questions as a kid). My friends would all be like "whats a first down, why did they kick it, whats a touch down" made me want to slap them!! I then started sitting down with my parents ever Sunday and watched the games. It never really occured to me to like any team but the Vikings, and now there is no turning back!! My passion soon turned into almost an obsession.

    And that my friends is how TNT became the resident babe!! :lol:

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    was born into IT born and raised in minnesota thanks my mom sports ubringing as my dad when he wasnt working he was fishign or hunt so we had food

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    My two Scandinavian grandmothers (Danish and Norwegian)


    My dad watching football every Sunday


    An inevitable conclusion

    Actually, it took a little more than that (our stifling Defense with Studwell, Doleman, and Millard)...but my heritage was the main contributing factor. I'll admit that I got into it a little later than most of you, but what matters is how die-hard I am now.

    I hate having to leave the house to watch a game, because it usually means I can't use my purple TD horn (3 blasts for each TD, 1 for each FG, and one at the opening kickoff). I've got more Vikings shirts now than I do regular. My first jersey was Big Dog's #93, and since then I've gotten Pep's, Bennett's, Hovan's, and most recently, a black #84 (can't remember his name right off :wink: ).

    I "de-programmed" my niece from being a clueless 9ers fan into a pretty darn knowledgable (and loyal) Vikes fan...and now my mom will occasionally wear a Vikes sweatshirt during a game and do her old high school cheers for them (without the jumping, thankfully...LOL). Kinda frustrating though, because she barely knows football and sometimes accidentally cheers at the wrong time or for the wrong team. :lol:

    announcer>"...and Culpepper get sacked for 5 yards!"

    her> "Push 'em back, push 'em back, waaay back!!!" :cheers:

    me> :scratch: :roll:

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    Ultra this was a great idea!!!!
    Well for me it has been a little bit of a strange road. I became a die hard Minnesota Fan in the early 90's for reasons which I do not know. All I know is that ever since I have been growing up in Giants/Eagles country wearing my purple proudly. My earliest memory of rejoice as a Viking fan was the signing of Warren Moon. All through my life people have asked what made me become a Viking Fan growing up in the Northeast where I never really get to see any games and to be honest I really don't know what did it, all I know is at some point the Purple got into my system and it is never going to come out! My passion as a fan has increased every year, and it continues to do so. Probably my best memory as a fan was the Thanksgiving Day game in 1998, watching that offense explode on Dallas (which has always been one of my least favorite teams right up there with GB, Giants, and Eagles) was amazing. I can't wait to hear everyone else's stories of Vikings Fandom!

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    I used to be a 49ers fan when i was like 8 just because my friend was. I remember people like young, watters, rice but never really payed attention. When i was closer to 10 or 11 i started to really watch football, thats when i became a viking fan. My dads been a viking fan his whole life so those where the games we watched. It went from knowing randle, carter and grifith to knowing all the players, there #'s, and the colleges they came from. Every year i seem to get deeper into the draft and FA. My friends who hardly watch football like to call me and heckle me when they loose because they know my passion runs deep. But i'm a vikes fan 4 life, and so is my viking tatoo.

    By the way ultra we once had a thread like this and there where some great stories. Looking foward to more.

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    My father convinced me to follow the Vikings while I was growing up in Cali. At the time most of the other kids were Rams fans. My family moved to Minny, which made it much easier for me to follow my team. Some of my fondest memories as a child are sitting in front of the TV with my dad on Sundays, clutching my nerf football, clad in purple from head to toe, watching the Vikings.

    My wife and I stayed in downtown Minneapolis for part of our honeymoon. The first thing I did was go to the dome and get on the season ticket waiting list.

    My children are third generation Vikings’ fans and will have fond memories of growing up, going to the games with their dad, watching the likes of Cris Carter and Randy Moss.

    Someday, before I die, I hope to witness our beloved Vikings win the Superbowl. Wherever I am on that great day I’ll be thinking of my pals at

    The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good -Samuel Johnson - lexicographer
    The word genius isn t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein - Joe Theisman

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    I started watching them in 87 when they played the 49ers in the playoffs. I have always been facinated with norse history/myth. This may have sparked that facination because once I saw the horns I was hooked. We lost that game, but back then my love for the team was so pure and un biased that the loss was no big deal I saw they played hard and that was enough for me.

    I don't collect anything. I have been hired on many occassions to paint murals in peoples houses and such. And one time I was hired to do an oldtime Viking fans den. So I did and he would sit and tell me stories while I worked of old school vikings ball. When I left he gave me some cash and a mint Ty Cobb rookie card. That is the only card I have. He passed away last summer.

    Born and raised in Utah although I have been to almost every state. I forgot I have a Jack Del Rio Autograph on a football that was fumbled by the opposing team that I recovered as time was winding down. He came to our school gave a speech on D and how it is a game of minds. Was kind of fun.

    I hunt and fish and my .30 .06 has a hand carved stock that has the Vikings logo in it with a gloss finish.

    I don't have a LARGE quanity of stuff, but the few things I have mean a lot to me. I have never even considered liking another team since 1987.

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    When/how did you become a Viking fan?

    ever since i can remember.. my pops watches every game i cant remember him missing one.. he would go and bet and stuff and i liked that... so i started watching so i could bet my dad when i was a little kid.. i watched football when i was 4-5 and didnt really know whut was going on but my dad told me to root for the purple team.. when i was 7 or 8 i really started to love the vikes.. and since then i havent really missed much football.. i go to church on saturday so i can sleep in til 11 to watch the pregame show..

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