"MaxVike" wrote:
"Turboe" wrote:
Where do you live MaxVike?
We definitely need to get together to play some golf.

"MaxVike" wrote:
Played in multiple Pro-Ams/Celebrity-Ams:
Payne Stewart (may God rest his soul...we won the Pro-Am in 1985 at Colonial...hundreds of people following; he was AWESOME), Bob Tway, Kenny Perry (perhaps the nices man I've ever met), Kevin Sutherland, Mike Schmidt (complete donkey butt...probably 'cause I beat him straight up), Ahmad Rashad (what a day with a Viking Icon!
"Call me Max, I'm serious," and I have...good man), Rush Limbaugh, Gary Carter (incredibly nice guy), Gary Player (6X), Tom Watson (5X), Rocky Thompson (the Killer Bee), Miller Barber, Rich Gannon, Mark Brooks (not nice, putz, in fact), Jay Haas (2X), Carl Pettersson, Luke Donald, Roger Clemens.
How long ago did you play with Rush?
Was it back before the Cochlear Implant?
He is one of what would be my ultimate foursome along with Dan Quayle (whom I have met, but not gotten to play golf with).

"MaxVike" wrote:
Played at many more beautiful venues; such as, Colonial, Bay Hill, Turnberry, Carnoustie, Philadelphia Cricket Club, The Floridian (Wayne Huizenga's Club), Aronomink (my favorite).
Kind of ironic that I just happen to be wearing my Floridian hat today when I read this post, it has been a number of years since I have been down there, but it is a pretty cool experience indeed.
I always used to think when I played Sanctuary in Colorado that it had a small membership 2 people (Dave and Gail Lineger), but then I played the Floridian and they said that Mr. Huizenga was the only official member at that time, everyone else was some kind of honorarly member).
I have also played Mr.Huizenga's place up here in the NC mountians Diamond Creek.
It is a special place as well.

Also Aronomink is one of my personal favorites, and is somewhat underappreciated I think.
I think it might be Donald Ross's best championship course.
Just a beast from the back tees.
I live in DE, member of Hartefeld National.
Hartefeld is a Tom Fazio designed course and was home for several years to a Sr PGA Tour event.
Also, Jim Furyk held his Exelon Challenge there for 4 or 5 years.
Would love to play.

Played with Rush in 2004 at the Floridian...I sponsored the Gary Player Invitational (through work).
He was smoking "1947 Cubans, about $150 each."
He was an interesting man, for sure...had a blast chatting with him and Lou Dobbs (a very cool man) after the round.

Played with Gary Player at Aronomink in a Pro-Am...we finished second.
Special experience, given he won his PGA Championship there in 1969, I believe.
Been back several times, love that place!

Olson_10...I see you are from Winnepeg.
Ever fish Lake of the Woods?
Taking my 72 year-old Dad back there late August...can't wait!
i do currently live there..my grandfather lives on lake winnipeg in a totally isolated area, so ive got my own little fishing spot that is quite good..i havent really gone anywhere else tho, but from what i hear, lake of the woods is great..that should be an awesome trip with ur dad, i hope you guys have a good time