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    Re: What is a true fan?

    :lol:.... Canadiens..........

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    Re: What is a true fan?

    "gregair13" wrote:
    eskimos do not suck. we just gave the former perfect lions their first lost of the season on the weekend. and the stamps are horrible.
    Which is why our defense freakin' dominated you last time. How bout that eskimo running game?

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: What is a true fan?

    "CanadaViking" wrote:
    I am not sure what a true fan is, but I know that when I walk into the Metrodome for a home game I get the feeling of being like 8 years old and finding a $50 bill! When I watch games I cannot sit still, even in September, by December I have every TV in the house on becasue I pace my way around the house the whole game! I had to hold back from puking after the loss in Arizona 2 years ago, sitting beside the only Cardinal fan in canada to boot!

    In closing I feel a true fan is someone who doesn't turn their back on their team and will argue tooth and nail in support of their team!!

    Go Vikes!!

    I am the same way! When I am going to a Vikings game I get so excited that I usually cannot even sleep the night before. I can't eat that morning and if I'm at home I definitley cannot sit still. I'm glad there are people on this site that truly understand that. Good post CanadaVike!

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    Re: What is a true fan?

    I can be sitting in the most comfortable chair in the world and from 15 mins prior to game time until the clock expires, I'm at the edge of my seat(Aside from jumping up to celebrate TD's and INT's). I usually sit in a recliner, but find it impossible to recline during the game.

    Also, along with the goatee, I have to put my Vikings necklace on before anything else. Now, I've also got a home and an away jersey, so hopefully that will help.

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    Re: What is a true fan?

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    "gregair13" wrote:
    "PurplePeopleEaters" wrote:
    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    "mnvikes61" wrote:
    alright looks like JDogg has everything covered for this week. lol

    i used to be all superstitious during the game but i try not to think about stuff like what was i doing when they were doing good and what am i doing differently. it's insanity to think that were you sit in your living room will have an effect on the team, but i fall for it every sunday

    No it's not! It's insanity that you called that insanity! lol
    I agree. I now have a new thing for this year. We did well while I paced around. That way I was in every spot... :grin:
    i always sit in the same place no matter. its more about what i do before the game than what i do in the game. i never put my jersy on until i am walking to the stadium(if i am going) or until kickoff if on tv. i have this lucky bear i put on top of the tv during games. when we go to eskimos games (cfl) we always go to 7-11 and get slurpees with green and gold straws; always park same place; always say this saying on a truck's bumper stick: 'perform random acts of kindness'; always sit in the same order, etc. during the game i never take a drink from that slurpee. at home i always have a cup of water that i nurse for the hold game.
    Eskimos suck, if for no other reason than they have the Packer's colours.

    Go Stamps!
    Packer colors? that's sick, and obviously not in a good way.

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    Re: What is a true fan?

    It depends on where I am watching the game. If I am at a friends house (because he has the ticket) I am pretty calm (I'm am really just holding it in cuz I don't want to ruin anything in his house). If I am at home it's a whole different ball game. I can't watch Vikings games with my gf in the same room cuz she's a cheesehead and it will offset the karma in the room and the vikings will be bound to lose! I usually don't eat or drink anything during the vikes games, but I really have no idea why. I always wear the jersey that I wore to school the Friday before the game, and if we are struggling at halftime I would usually switch to my authentic Moss jersey (need a new authentic to switch to now). That's pretty much it.

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: What is a true fan?

    It appears this topic is rearing its head again.
    What a joy.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: What is a true fan?

    I'm a true false true true false fan

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    Re: What is a true fan?

    I'm a truthy fan.

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    Re: What is a true fan?


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