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    Re: What Superhero are you today?

    Name: Blue Man
    Secret Identity: Anglo Vike
    Special Power: Crackling Finger
    Transportation: Turbo Bicycle
    Weapon: Ice Pistol
    Costume: Alligator Underwear
    Sidekick: the Professor
    Nemesis: Eric the Deadly
    Tragic Flaw: Fear of rodents
    Favorite Food: Split Pea Soup

    the costume is definitely suspect, especially as I've never been noted for being a 'snappy' dresser

    lame I know but hey it's off-season what else do you expect ?
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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    Re: What Superhero are you today?

    Name: Duke Ox
    Secret Identity: diesavike
    Special Power: Kinetic Breath
    Transportation: Quantum Minivan
    Weapon: Ice Spray
    Costume: Carbonite Coveralls
    Sidekick: Mary Anne
    Nemesis: John the Elder
    Tragic Flaw: Big Nose
    Favorite food: Onion Rings

    Damn, I gotta share my sidekick with Blackstarz.
    Sell crazy someplace else...we're all stocked up here.

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    Re: What Superhero are you today?

    Your Superhero Identity For Today Is:

    Name: Light Raven
    Secret Identity: meg
    Special Power: Psychotronic Force
    Transportation: Nuclear Tricycle
    Weapon: Ion Spray
    Costume: Leopard Skin Snow Suit
    Sidekick: Gilligan
    Nemesis: Eric the Riddler
    Tragic Flaw: Fear of timber wolves
    Favorite Food: Banana Cream Pie

    um... yaaaaaaaaaa lol
    "one thing about a birthday suit, it s always in style.
    And if it loses its shape it can be altered"

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    Re: What Superhero are you today?

    Name: Green Flame
    Secret Identity: Ltrey33
    Special Power: Walk through walls (I'd rather see through walls!)
    Transportation: Psionic Submarine
    Weapon: Quantum Pistol
    Costume: Silk Cape (Seriously, is that I'll I'm wearing?)
    Sidekick: Mary Anne (If it's the one from Gilligan all I can say is "Aye Aye Aye!"
    Nemesis: Arnold the Crafty
    Tragic Flaw: Big nose (wow, I do kind of have a big nose)
    Favorite Food: Salad (maybe the croutons)

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    6-KINGS Guest

    Re: What Superhero are you today?

    Name: Sven Larson
    Secret Identity: John Denver
    Special Power: I know all the words to every ABBA song
    Transportation: Ride Calypso the places I've been too......
    Weapon: Love of all animals in Gods creation. I can talk to them.
    Costume: All natural clothes made from Hemp and poppies
    Sidekick: Jacque Cousteau and Euell Gibbons
    Nemesis: Free Western Economies that ravage the planet for profit and greed.
    Tragic Flaw: I own a fossil fuel powered vehicle. A Yugo!
    Favorite Food: Tofu with fresh organic sprouts, goats cheese and Grape Nuts.

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    Re: What Superhero are you today?

    Name: Golden Flame
    Secret Identity: vikes 09
    Special Power: Nuclear Fart (woah)
    Transportation: Magnetic Rocket
    Weapon: Graviton Cannon
    Costume: Carbonite Cowl
    Sidekick: Sundance
    Nemesis: John the Elder
    Tragic Flaw: Fear of falling
    Favorite Food: Green Beans

    can we say lamo.

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    Re: What Superhero are you today?

    Okay, what the hell is this.

    Name: Ice Flame
    Secret Identity: Athf
    Special Power: Power Ears
    Transportation: Nuclear Rocket
    Weapon: Psionic Flare
    Costume: Electric Cape
    Sidekick: Squinty Clint
    Nemesis: Marvin the Ugly
    Tragic Flaw: Fear of bugs
    Favorite Food: Cheese

    "Power Ears"?!?!? What?!?
    God, what a lame superhero.

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    Re: What Superhero are you today?

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    "PAvikesfan" wrote:
    man, del...where do you find these things--member of "geek of the month" club? hahaha

    Name: Red Cat
    Secret Identity: PA vikesfan
    Special Power: Twisting Ears
    Transportation: Turbo Tricycle
    Weapon: Photon Blunderbuss
    Costume: Silver Robe
    Sidekick: Bufurt
    Nemesis: Jack the Puzzler
    Tragic Flaw: Fear of water
    Favorite Food: Cheez Whiz

    afraid of water, but not afraid of deoderent. i don't want to offend. haha

    I was in the geek of the month club but then they saw I had a Mothra patch on my Backpack. They all love Godzilla. It was over.

    I will tell you one thing this morning on my way to work some simon and garfunkle came on. I am a rock. Or whatever it is.

    You know I am a rock I am an Island!!! LALALALALALALAL yeah so I'm singing along get to the part where I don't know the words... starts singing about his poetry and his books protect him while he hangs in his room... :shock:

    WTF??? I'm not a rock I'm a nerd...... so yeah I guess you are right in a way :razz:
    it is okay being a geek... as long as you don't step into the ultra geek level by sleeping on the sidewalk the night before the last star wars comes out just to make sure you get tickets...hahahah. has anyone ever seen the Triumph The Dog episode on Conan when he goes to make fun of people waiting to get a Star Wars ticket. that was friggin' funny! he said to a guy dressed up like darth vader, "so which one of these buttons (points to darth's chest) calls your mom to come pick you up?" hahahahahahahahaha.

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