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    What illegal drug use can cost you

    The Internet makes background checks a snap, so you can't hide. And even a misdemeanor drug conviction can have lifetime consequences and limit your career choices.

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    Re: What illegal drug use can cost you

    Stupid. You can't help a person who uses drugs by messing their life up more. Way to fill up the prisons with nonviolent criminals (passengers in coke user's cars) that us taxpayers have to pay for and then screw them out of their future. This is what happens when people who know nothing about drugs make up all the rules. "Marijuana is bad, mmmmkay?"

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    Re: What illegal drug use can cost you

    Not to mention some diseases you can get from using certain drugs like heroin.

    Because some sick bastaerd fucked a monkey, I can't shoot up heroin with my friends anymore.


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