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    Re: what was hs football like for you if you played

    "DeathtoDenny" wrote:
    At my high school, white guys rode the pine. Cuz we sucked. I quit after freshman year to focus on studying (beer, buds, bit chez). our school was dominated by cretin anually. inner city programs aren't too great.
    What school?

    I played all 4 years of my high school career.
    Superior Senior High School (now it's just known as Superior High School).
    My freshman year, I was the smallest kid on the team.
    My future best man and best friend (we weren't friends until 10th grade) was the biggest.
    My freshman coach must of had a sense of humor..
    He put me at DT.
    Defensive TACKLE!
    I also played DE.
    The friend I mentioned played C.
    I actually played in every game that year.
    Our record was something like 7-2.
    We always had an annual rivalry game against one of the Duluth teams..
    Duluth Denfeld.
    Superior vs. Denfeld is like The Vikes vs. The Pack.
    Pretty heated.
    In 9th grade we had two football teams, Superior Blue and Superior White.
    The reason for this was years prior, Superior used to have 2 separate high schools, with each having a football team.
    Every year they'd have an All Superior game for dominance of the city.
    When the schools combined, they kept that tradition (I think they've since combined the 2 freshmen teams).

    My 10th grade year I played WR and DB.
    I also bulked up a bit.. although not too much.
    I was still one of the smallest kids.
    Never started, but played just about every game.
    I loved DB, but played more WR.
    I think we went 6-3 or 5-4..
    Pretty good team we had.
    But played only the local teams.

    In 11th grade, I tried out solely for WR.
    I wanted to concentrate my knowledge with only one position.
    But instead, the coaches played me at SS.
    I backed up one of our best players.
    He played both ways, though, HB as well as SS.
    Being a run ONLY team (only passed max 2 times a game..
    I know.. sad.), he got tired pretty quick.
    My first varsity game as a junior, our home/season opener, I got called into play the 2nd quarter.
    Not only was I not expecting it, I wasn't mentally ready for it.
    I let the opposing team's RB run me over, and that was the end of my playing time in 11th grade.
    This year we went 0-9 (or however many games we played in HS.. I don't remember).
    But our varsity team didn't play the local teams, except Denfeld..
    We played the best teams in WI in the best conference in WI.
    Our homecoming game this year was against Denfeld, and we choked it away.
    Another MN team we played was St. Thomas Academy.
    Lost to them in OT.
    That year they went to MN's state championship, but lost.

    My senior year, I came a LOOONG way from being the smallest kid on the team.
    But, unfortunately, my coach held grudges.
    I went out for SS, but the coaches, again, moved me around and finally settled for WR.
    I loved WR..
    even in the running offense, because we got to blindside LBs and DBs.
    Our coach decided to give the WRs more touches, so we threw about 3-4 times a game instead of never..
    But, our QB rarely had any incompletions..
    Only one that I remember (that pass was to me, but WASN'T MY FAULT!!!
    He short-hopped it 5 yards on a curl route).
    I played the last two games of that year and started the last game.
    With a broken thumb.
    I also was one of the Scout Offensive 'Stars'.
    We finished that season with 4 wins..
    But one of those wins was at Denfeld.
    Their homecoming.
    Not only that.. but the night before, some not-so-smart Denfeld kids decided to paint our school's sidewalk and school Denfeld's colors, Maroon and Gold.
    I distinctly remember what our team said when we came into school that day..
    'They just messed with the wrong team at the wrong time' (the week before we got eliminated from playoffs/State tourney).

    Many, many regrets.
    There's not a day that goes by where I don't wish I could go back and start all over again.
    Vegans are eating the rainforests. =(

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    Re: what was hs football like for you if you played

    I played high School football for 3 years (high school is only three years in Alberta).
    I started at Center in grade 10 and started at RDE in grade 11-12.
    I did pretty good for an undersized guy (6' 200lbs).
    I was also the long snapper.
    It was great, I will have memories and friends from football that will last a lifetime.
    It's also a challenge playing on a Canadian field and by Candian rules (but more often than not, like any high school sport, the great athletes dominated everyone else haha).
    Played in the city finals in 2003 at McMahon Stadium (CFL stadium) and that was a blast, even though we lost.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Re: what was hs football like for you if you played

    Coaches who thought they were NFL greats.

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    Re: what was hs football like for you if you played

    For me.. I had worked hard to get ready for football well in advance to High School.. it helped that I was bigger than most kids around.. My sophmore year, I check in at 6' 4" tall and 232... benched in the 325 mark and for a long time held the most reps at 225 at 26 reps.. but unlike alot of the kids in my conference, I wasn't focused on just having a good time with playing ball. it was to show case for the next level of football, hopefully at a solid football school.

    My freshman year, I never stood out to much, I was more focused on learning proper techniques from our defensive coach whom played college ball at UW-La Crosse.. heck of a coach, anyway I was thinking more than playing.. which was a shame, since I could have done so much better..

    Between my Freshman year and Sophmore years I attended a couple camps around the midwest, starting to network with coaches and scouts for most of the local colleges and at least getting my name out there.

    My Sophmore year, there were three of us on the team that started to get alot of notice.. being a sophmore only while the other two where seniors, my vision was comming into focus, and I was starting to get letters from some colleges around Wisconsin and a couple of major colleges were at sending letters of coaching staff and general college information.

    It all ended on a fall day, but for 8 games my sophmore year of high school.. I enjoyed every last second of the gridiron.. the shame of it is that it ended off that field.. never stepped foot on it again.. yet to this day.. but my son will be playing pop warner here next year.. so that will change.

    Playing HS ball was a blast.. I would recommend it even if you only want to have a good time..

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    Re: what was hs football like for you if you played

    I threw javelin on the track team. no one was killed.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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    Re: what was hs football like for you if you played

    "C" wrote:
    I threw javelin on the track team. no one was killed.
    I starred in The Music Man and killed the audience.


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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    Re: what was hs football like for you if you played

    "Zeus" wrote:
    "C" wrote:
    I threw javelin on the track team. no one was killed.
    I starred in The Music Man and killed the audience.

    Not good for repeat preformances.

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    Re: what was hs football like for you if you played

    I played in a 9-man league in HS.

    I started the senior year at DT while tipping the scales at 132lbs wet but led the conference( What there was of one) in sacks and tackles. Moved to DE and safety later in the season as my shoulder took a beating against all of the wishbone formations we went against.

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    Re: what was hs football like for you if you played

    what school did you go to where you played DT at 132?
    thats small even for my league.

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    Re: what was hs football like for you if you played

    I played Defensive Tackle for my last 2 years of High School football (My best position) The first year they had me at Fullback (I hated it, I can plow people over but they grab onto your ankles!!! annoying i just wanna hit em lol) then my second year (when i was faster) i played Middle Linebacker (was voted MVP of the team with 8 interceptions, 17 sacks (IK!!!!! it is a record there actually). A bunch of rushes and a crap load of tackles. But i loved playing DT the most.

    My last game of my senior year (I was planning on playing for the U of M and was in talks with them about a scholorship) when this dumbA$$ Center cheap blocked me (more like jumped onto my hip) I got the sack, but i also popped my Hip out of joint and had to get it screwed back in *cringes* The doctor I had was a formor Sports surgeon for the Seattle Seahawks. I remember the day as if it was yesterday when he came into my room. There was sportscenter on the tv and my parents were taking naps on the wall. These are thee exact words he told me. "Well, Erik here is the good news... When you got on the table to have the surgery your hip lined up perfectly (which very rarely happens i guess) we got the screws in with no trouble. Now for the bad news (his eyes look as if he was gonna cry to tell me this)I am sorry to tell you... but you won't be able to play football again..." He left the room and I was just stunned... I couldn't think, I couldn't breath, I couldn't see straight. I have never, ever cried as hard, loud and long as I did then... My parents had the same look on their face. After going through therapy and 6 months of sitting I went from 6ft 6in 287LBS...
    to a wopping 365 lbs.

    That is more of a depressing story, I am taking donations For therapy *cough* Beer *cough*

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