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    Re: what the **** do i do?

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "audioghost" wrote:
    Whatever you do don't let the crazy b!tch put your kid on meds...that stuff messes you up more than it helps you...people are so stupid don't have psychological problems, they're f***in kids, they're all weird....I hate it when parents try to be "psychologists"...I don't know what you can do man, but if it makes you feel any better, I feel your pain....thats a bunch of b/s! Hang in there buddy....
    Thanks, Tom Cruise!

    The meds are SOMETIMES necessary...but only after careful diagnosis and careful observation...not as a knee-jerk reaction!

    My sister is a trained psychologist...and she sees parents who WON'T put their kids on medication...even though that is the right course to take...they feel stigmatized by it, but don't realize that it is the right thing to do in their particular case. Each case is different...and each case should be dealt with in the best one solution is correct for everyone!
    Testify Cajun!!!

    If it works/it is needed/you get positive results.
    well it almost answers itself as far as whether or not to take the medication.

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    Re: what the **** do i do?

    "PAvikesfan" wrote:
    #1 you're lucky you didn't marry this one. #2 who the heck gets plastic surgery on their boy's ears? was there an abnormality with his ears? it just sounds cruel if she just plain didn't like his ears.
    #3 some people are white trash even if they get out of the trailor. some people are white trash regardless of where they are from. some people are just packer fans.
    #4 we're with you man. if i was a lawyer, i'd do it for free for you.
    #5 she got what she wanted, a free paycheck from you, the control, and a kid to abuse just like her stepfather did to her. I work in the psych field and you would not believe how many disfunctional kids have mega disfuntional parents.

    as someone stated on page offense if any of that hit too close to home.

    #6 what kind of person hopes to have something wrong with their kid, like she does?
    #7 you know what is cheaper than a lawyer, a private eye. look one up. get some dirt. build a case. get your son.


    More great advice...especially on how to get your son out of the grasp of that witch!

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    Re: what the **** do i do?

    I'm sorry to hear about all that zim! I think she is the one that should be getting checked out!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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