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    Re: What did/does your Dad/Parent do for a living?

    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    "ThorSPL" wrote:
    My dad is a Licensed Independent Social Worker by trade.
    Mom is a Licensed Practical Nurse.

    We have a family business working with the developmentally disabled, mentally ill, elderly, and children in a variety different forms.
    Sounds like you family provides quite a bit to the community.
    We try... I mean, everybody makes a living.
    I'm glad we can do what we do for others, make a living doing so, and hopefully help a lot of people along the way.

    They're why I went into Clinical Psychology... I almost ended up in computers.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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    Re: What did/does your Dad/Parent do for a living?

    "Frostbite" wrote:
    "AngloVike" wrote:
    "Garland" wrote:
    My dad was born in 1917, so he had me later in life(he was still a stud in his 50's so i guess I have something to look forward to ;D) Any ways growing up in the deep south (Texas) and being black you can imagine what life was like for him given the time frame he grew up. Anyways My dad only got to 8th grade and because both of his parents died he ws pretty much the oldest brother and was left to take care of the family 2 brothers and a sister by doing variouls odd jobs. de=livery, farm work, janitor ect until his siblings were old enough to work as well. The one thing that my dad always loved even up until he died was baseball. My dad played in several of the Negro Leages in Texas and Oklahoma. He had a chance to play in some of the better known Big city teams but because of family obligations never took the opportunity to do. Which was something he always regreted not taken the opportunity to. But I think the opportiunity to play with guys like cool Pappa Bell and Satchel Page before they were Cool Poppa Bell and Satchel page was something that he was always proud of. Mydad moved to MN in the early 60's. I never found out why until later in life.
    It was a story that I had only been told once by him and was never told again, but he was almost lynched by a group of men simply because they guy thought he was looking at his girlfreind while he was waiting for a bus that he and his buddy were waiting on.
    When he came to MN he worked odd jobs until he found a job working as a floor leader for the Northwestern Bell.
    My dad moved back to TX inn 1992.
    My dad was became somewhat famous in the medical feild not for a good reason, but he had suffered a Heart attack. The ended up doing a quintuple bypass on him, all four chambers plus an artery. What is so starnge is that it was not only a unusual surgery but also a very unusal sergery for some with his history. He never smoked, was not overweight, did not drink, was not any of the things that they saw for someone that had that type of surgery. So when i visited him there were cardio doctors all over the world that had came in to do studies on him to find out why this had happened, and he I belive to this day is still listed in a few medical books from this case study. He died in January 2000 from cancer. Sorry for being so long but I just wanted to share a few intersting tibits about my Dad.
    Great post GG and got me thinking about my dad , once again
    He was born in 1911 and emigrated to Canada in 1925 on the recommendation of doctors for his health. He came back in 1932 and signed up with the Army and served in places such as India and Aden before being demobbed in 1939. He came back to the UK and had applied to the Canadian RCMP to join just before WW2 broke out and he was back in khaki once again. He married mum during the war and so that stopped the move to Canada once the war was finished. He then joined the Post Office until retirement from them and then spent 5 years working for the Heinz company before full retirement. He then then enjoyed a full and happy retirement despite the loss of his sight in later years and passed away in 2000.
    Dad was of the generation that never took chances, so despite the offer from a design company that would have made great use of his artistic skills he never took it. He also had the chance to take a great promotion within the Post Office but my mum wouldn't take the chance on that either. I think that he greatly regretted not taking up one of those chances and so when I approached him for some advice regarding a career move I found out about these chances for the first time. He was all in favour of me taking the plunge and without pushing encouraged me to do so. I did and never looked back in doing so and often felt that it helped excorcise some of his ghosts.
    Just wish he had seen more of how I fared and there isn't a day goes by when I don't think of the old feller.


    nice read AngloVike.....Sorry he's passed on. I think he still sees ya

    Thanks for sharing as well AV. The one thing I was glad happened is that he got to see 2 of his 3 Gransons. I only have 3 boys, but for him it was important becaue I am the only male left to have boys to carry on the family name. So in a weird sense I guess he thouht that he prayed hard enough for only boys. Especially since the first one we think was concieved on a family vist to Texas to see him. Hell it was 105 degrees outside had to do something in a air conditioned hotel room ;D, Plus I think he felt happy knowing that there was 2 boys, because as he said "you need to have 2 to carry on the family name in case one was gay )

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