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    weightlifting question

    monday i did some very heavy skullcrushers and my elbows were a lil sore after that. Throughout this whole week, the pain has become more persistent and their is pain at the lower part of my tricep and my tricep muscle feels stiff and tender. I havent lifted since Wednesday and did 20 wide pushups yesterday, putting very little emphasis on the triceps. The pain is irritiating but not disabling or weakening. WhaT do you guys think it is, please help.

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    Re: weightlifting question

    Definatly not worth the gain for the pain. Like guys have said, it's probably your tendon that is getting inflamed. You might want to stop before it becomes cronic (and not the good stuff!) I used to lift a lot, and that excersise always killed my elbows. All the tricep workout I get now is grabbing a cold one outta the fridge.

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    Re: weightlifting question

    what are skullcrushers? is it like push press?
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    Re: weightlifting question

    There is an old saying, NO PAIN.....NO GAIN...

    But it sounds like your pushing yourself a little to hard, to fast..

    Maybe for the next day or two, don't do any type of work-outs..

    Let your body heal...

    Then go at it again, but with less weights and more reps..

    Can't say exactly what your doing wrong, but if your suffering, something is wrong for sure........Read more and ask questions from those who know...

    Good Luck and hope you feel better soon...



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    Re: weightlifting question

    head on down to GNC or Vitamin Shoppe and get

    MHP, Effervescent L-Glutamine.

    Also, the greatest supplement I have ever used (and I've turned 3-4 guys on to this) is H+ Blokcer by Isatori.

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    Re: weightlifting question

    i took skull crushers out of my workouts because i felt that they put too much emphasis on the elbow joint to begin with. I would guess you might have enflamed the tendon in your arm a little bit because muscles don't usually get "tender" after a workout. Ice it up, stay away from exercises that put alot of stress on the elbow for a week and then see how it feels

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    Re: weightlifting question

    First, how often do you work out?

    Second, that exercise does put a lot of stress on the elbow. I do not like them myself, to much room for sloppiness.

    I prefer cable pushdowns, overhead extensions, and kickbacks. Those 3 are the cream of the crop for triceps and they do not put as much stress on the tendons and elbow.

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