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Thread: Weight lifting

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    Re: Weight lifting

    "cc21" wrote:
    "Mr" wrote:
    What are some of your guys' bench maxes?
    I'm maxing out on bench, squat, and power clean next week so I will get back to you. haha
    I have never tested my power clean max, but my bench max is 315 and my squat max is unfortunately only around 425, which is way too low and I really need to work on that between winter and spring seasons, I should have enough time to get it up quite a bit, from September to november I got my bench max from 255-315.

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    Re: Weight lifting

    Haven't maxed out on anything in almost 2 years, it is almost pointless, but it is nice to see where you're at.

    Bench max about 2 years ago was 305.
    Squat max haven't done in years, but I got 365 about 5 times in college around 2000.
    Around that same time, I also leg pressed 1000.
    I have a lot of back problems right now, and when I squat, I just do sets of 135, occasionally I'll get brave and throw 185 on, but that's about it.

    The gym I go to does this thing in April that I'd like to compete in this year, in called the "Pump and Run" I think.
    You bench your body weight as many reps as you can, then you run either 5k or 10k.
    For every rep you get on the bench you get to take 30 sec's off your running time.
    So if you do your body weight 10 times, then you get to take 5 mins off of however long it takes you to complete the run.
    They have prizes for the bench and run individually, and then the combined.


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