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    we, ourselves, and the vikings

    Sorry to be a grammar/english nazi, but I've been thinking about this for a while. Does it really make sense when we say phrases such as, "WE need a runningback" or "WE should sign this guy?" By "we" it would seem more appropriate to use nouns such as "the vikings organization" or Childress, Zygi, etc. After all, all us fans can do is cheer for our team. we have no impact on who the vikings organization drafts or trade. Although it would be my dream to own a professional sports franchise, I have to find a way to earn xxx million dollars or so for that to happen. Perhaps I tend to overanalyze things a bit too in detail. Just a thought.
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    Re: we, ourselves, and the vikings

    Yes, but WE are the Vikings, without US, the vikings wouldn't exist. No fan base, no team.

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