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    Wayne Gretzky and gambling

    Wow, has Wayne Gretzky got himself into trouble. A guy that had everything in life and he is involved in an alleged sports betting ring with his wife and assistant coach.

    I've got nothing against gambling, I bet on sports every day. But everyone involved in College or Professional sports should avoid all involvement.

    How will this affect Wayne Gretzky's image? What about the NHL? I'm neither a Hockey Fan nor Canadian so I don't really have a good opinion.

    What do you guys think?
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    Re: Wayne Gretzky and gambling

    i was really suprised to hear him name mentioned in that !

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    Re: Wayne Gretzky and gambling

    This is a tough one. I dont think that he has actually been accused. But what are the chances that his assistant coach ran a gambleing ring that his wife participated in, and him not even know about it??? I personally dont have a problem with gambleing, but there is an image to keep up for these guys. Especially Gretzky, who is so respected that his number was retired by the ENTIRE NHL. I wonder what Pete Rose thinks about all this???

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    Re: Wayne Gretzky and gambling

    Right now it's ONLY allegations. But either way, it scares me. Before the whole "operation slap shot" went public, they had recordings of phone taps of which Gretzky did know about the ring and discussing how his wife could not be implicated in the ring, but nothing about betting. Once again, all this is supposively and allegations.
    The reason it scares me is cause growing up I was a Hockey guy, pretty much all we had in Alaska, and Gretzky was my idol. When you think about it, Gretzky is the most important to his respected sport (EX. Jordan to basketball, etc.). He also has the most spotless reputation of any famous athlete. I personally hope 'The Great One' is innocent and has nothing to do with this.

    The Gretzkys are also supposively putting out word to the media tonight after the Coyotes' game this evening.
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    Re: Wayne Gretzky and gambling

    There's NO WAY that he didn't know what was going on, so he is involved one way or another.
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