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    Warning issued over unlicensed sex drugs

    OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadians should avoid unlicensed drugs that claim to improve sexual performance because they could cause problems such as loss of consciousness, prolonged erections and chest pain, the health ministry said on Friday.

    Health Canada issued the warning in a release about a product called Desire, which was found to contain the prescription drug phentolamine -- something not indicated on the label.

    "Health Canada advises consumers not to use Desire or any other unauthorized products promoted to increase sexual performance that are advertised as 'all natural', as such products may contain undeclared prescription drugs that may pose serious risks to health," it said in a statement.............;_ylt=Ar1ATddFhCGll30rZUCaCVQSH9EA

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    Re: Warning issued over unlicensed sex drugs

    prolonged erections are bad when you are trying to please your lady? as for the loss of consciousness... that could get hilarious at a party to see a guy passed out with a raging boner
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