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    war of the worlds review (very slight spoilers maybe)

    well, ive been waiting for this movie for a long time. thats why it pains to to say.. this movie has major major flaws.

    1) if you watch independence day, you see aliens causing terror, you see character development inbetween attacks and you see the humans schemeing against the aliens. in war of the worlds, there are only "attacks" and the dialogue inbetween the attacks mostly serves only as killing time before the next attack. there is no schemeing at all against the aliens! in indepenedence day, you see the humans capture one of the aliens, they take it back to area 51, they figure out weaknesses and attack back. there is no such thing in war of the worlds. the whole movie goes "talk; get attacked; run around; talk; get attacked"

    2) the ending totally sucks. the movie is cruising along, and all of a sudden.. it seems as if it almost just skips to the end. almost like theres 20 minutes of footage that was left out from the point of action to the end. maybe the studio didnt want them to be a very long movie.. i beleive it clocks at just under 2 hours. i think it should have had 30-45 more minutes, then you could see some humans plotting against aliens and whatnot. there was really only one part were cruise did something against them.. seems very minor.

    well, even with the complaints, it was still a good movie. special effects rock the house. it just fell short.

    batman is STILL this summers movie you gotta see.
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    Re: war of the worlds review (very slight spoilers maybe)

    i saw batman already it was ok i guess maybe a lil better but i want to see this movie

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