How did every oen else do.

Me and my dad did semi decent considering the weasther. Got up at 4 am. I got the bait and meet him at the Boating landing o the mississippi river (above the sartell dam, wcih is north of 10st dam next to SCSU).

It was cold boat ride up river. got to the spot started the drift and my dad caught a keeper. it took me an hr before i got a bite, small eye that went back in the river. Caugth a few more walleyes and coupel crappies.

In total we kept
Dad - 3 walleyes 2 crappies
Me - 2 walleye (the bigest one 17 inches, nto to shabby for a river eye) and 1 crappie that was 10 inches(again the bigest fish)

Hope ever that got out did well.