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Shoot, I'm gonna work at pizza hut. I REEAAALLLYYYYYY need money for college unless I get some really nice scholarships (which is possible but I won't put all my eggs in one basket if you know what I mean). I'm hardworking and often get compliments. It could happen.
if you do work for them, be a driver if you have your license of course. The tips over here at least are pretty good and on decent days you can make 120 dollars in just one day. Tips are the biggest incentive and youll have a lot of cash in the wallet not counting the paycheck pizza hut gives you.
thanks for the advice, sounds good. I'm getting my license in a few weeks (pretty late, I turned 17 in april, but its hard to get driving time when I'm in a dorm a few hours from home for 9 months out of the year). I'm trying to find the best-paying job possible, because my parents can't afford to pay for me (I have four younger siblings and my mom doesn't work, so money's thin as is).
ah that sucks. well as soon as you get your license, i would go for that job because its an immediate money maker.
how come youre in a dorm, aside from your parents situation.