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Yeah. Rambo doesn't need no gun.

And as far as shooting a home invader goes, you'll get off if it's in your home. You can't retreat to safety if you're already in what should be the safest place in your life.

But there's no way you could claim you feared for your life if someone broke into your neighbors house, but not yours.
Can't remember the show, but a guy shot 2 cats with a shotgun, killed them both, as they were exiting his neighbors house.
He was on the phone with 911 and kept telling them, I am afraid and I'm gonna shoot em if you don't get here.

911 operator kept telling him, don't go outside, don't do it.

He got off.

If memory serves, there are 32 states were you can do this.
Can you shoot dogs in the same manner in those same 32 states?
I gotta go find out what 32 states it was.
Once I do, I will check.