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    Re: Vikings new linebacker?

    "Caine" wrote:
    "fourdoorchevelle]...but" wrote:

    And yet, I disagree that the statement is false.
    While many of the situations I listed previously were "off Duty", in each case the ramifications for Police Officers were maore severe than for non-officers.
    For the exact same offense that might land you a couple days in jail, a police officer can (and likely will) be fired in addition.

    on the job...well, again, their job is so much different than most.
    But you cited "Citizen's Arrest".
    In Wisconsin, we don't have that.
    We cannot "arrest" anyone.
    We can "detain until the police arrive".
    But if I were to "detain" someone incorrectly - it depends upon why I did so, and what I believed the relevant circumstances were as to whether or not I'd get charged with false imprisonment.
    If I acted in "good faith", I'd probably not be charged.
    but an officer will little to no ramifications for false imprisonment, an officer typically will only loose their job for the same stuff people go to the pen for

    "Caine" wrote:
    Believe it or not, I get why they are vilified.
    I get why the media makes such a big deal about the bad ones.
    Much the the media beat Abu Ghraib to death.
    Dirt sells.
    And the more power or authority the subject has, the more it sells.

    But that doesn't alter the fact that MOST encounters people have with police - where the individual is being arrested or cited - are encounters where the individual is WRONG.
    The police are simply doing the job they were hired to do, yet so often the subjects blame the officers for their being arrested/cited.

    No, you shouldn't love a cop for giving you a ticket...but you should recognize that it's YOUR fault he had to.

    i don't and haven't disputed any of this

    i think you mix in c mac's argument with mine

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    Re: Vikings new linebacker?

    I love how the people criticizing the 'bad' officers all have a million alternative routes said officers could have taken..
    Even when every single one of us sitting on our fat asses in this debate have NEVER been in those officers' shoes.

    Granted, there may be a select few of us who have been in similar circumstances, they are no where near the actual circumstances we are debating about.
    Let me ask this..
    has anyone here been through the schooling and training police officers go through before being hired?
    Until you have, how in the hell are you supposed to know what exactly is the right or correct way to respond to a citizen that's blatantly ignoring an officers requests and demands?

    This just in!
    No one's perfect, we are all human.
    Emotions DO run high, especially for an officer who's walking up to a car and he/she is not knowing anything about the person they just pulled over..
    But, hey, it's ok, it's your right to criticize a 'public servant'.
    That's what makes this country great.

    If one who complies with an officers demands, and still gets brutalized physically or otherwise, I'm all for demanding punishment for said officer.
    And I think we have seen a few videos that support this scenario.
    But, in the case of the guy that got tasered because of his inability to listen to the officer, there should never be any sort of pity for that clown.
    C Mac made a statement that the correct way the officer should have handled that situation was to take a drive with the guy and show him the sign.
    Which would have happened if the guy would have been reasonable and complied with the officer.
    It's really not that hard.
    No, really..
    It isn't.
    All one has to do is put away your self-righteous ego and learn the people skills required to deal with one's authority issues ahd, BEHOLD, you'll have no problems...
    Or, you'll have ALOT of money from your law suit against the bad cop.
    Vegans are eating the rainforests. =(

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    Re: Vikings new linebacker?

    Another fucking "omg the police are evil" "omg nuh uh!" "yes, totally huh!"

    How many of these stupid pointless threads do we need where no one comes out thinking any differently anyway?

    Grow up people, this is getting pathetic.

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: Vikings new linebacker?

    "Vikes_King" wrote:
    Another fricken "omg the police are evil" "omg nuh uh!" "yes, totally huh!"

    How many of these stupid pointless threads do we need where no one comes out thinking any differently anyway?

    Grow up people, this is getting pathetic.
    I got blindsided coach. I just came looking for some good stuff on a new linebacker possibility.

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    Re: Vikings new linebacker?

    I think this thread has run it's course.
    PPO Ambassador, Defender of the Purple Faith and Guardian of the Gates of Valhalla

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