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    Re: For Vikings Fans in UK

    yeah no problems with anyone expressing an opinion whatever it is, good or bad.

    i'm not so sure about the left/right issue anglo personally, i think a lot of people would like blair to go more left wing...but really i dont like talk like that of allingment, left wing, right wing, whatever, people shouldnt be judged on that but on what they achieve, it should be a battle of issues and not personalities.

    americans may be interested to know that it seems to be suggested that the reason blair's lead was cut in half was because of his support for the war in iraq, i'm not saying that's a good or bad thing but just putting it out there.

    and if we're talking personal opinions, i dont like any of the parties! i'm fed up with politics in this country, i voted liberal democrat but i don't really like them either, just dislike them less than the other two. i prefer a labour government to a conservative one, although well, we'll see who takes over the conservatives now michael howard has said he plans to resign, which i think is a mistake btw, he made some progress, although i'm still happy it happened as i really don't like him at all

    btw anglo, my pc is sorted now, i tried to put your sig on last night but i seemed to get he sizing all wrong and it was coming out too small, even if i tried to make it bigger, i tend to be pretty stupid with computers really, but i'll have another go tonight

    i'm just off now to throw the american football around down at the park! which is a rare pleasure, as most of my friends arent interested in it at all

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    Re: For Vikings Fans in UK

    BUSH was suported by Spain and Portugal, whose governments where in less then a year replaced by left wing partys against Bush, and the war. Blair is the only European supporter of the war who didnt loose! Perhaps cause he is a " socialist" suporting Bush, in the middle of the mix he gained 4 years more.
    Thats an interesting topic.

    " hey Homer, if we vote for you, what will you do diferently?"

    Vikings from all over the world. Lets unite!

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