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    Re: vikings do us proud again..............


    Vikings V.P.: Sex Party Claims 'Not Adding Up'

    Esme Murphy

    For the first time, Minnesota Vikings management is going on the record regarding allegations of X-rated behavior by team members.

    Vikings management said "sex cruise" accusations against Vikings players are nowhere near as bad as have been reported.

    The team's vice president of public relations, Lester Bagley, also said the team is ready to punish any bad behavior, but the investigation has turned up very little evidence so far.

    Attorney Stephen Doyle alleged members of the Minnesota Vikings took two Al and Alma's charter cruises out onto Lake Minnetonka on Oct. 6 for a party and engaged in lewd behavior.

    Doyle, who is representing Al and Alma's, said last month witnesses gave graphic accounts of sex acts purported to have taken place during the party, including "masturbation, oral sex, woman on man, woman on woman."

    The Minnesota Vikings dispute those claims, and Bagley believes Doyle has his own agenda.

    "The entire case is this lawyer, and his version of events is not adding up," Bagley said.

    "Members of the entourage that were on both boats took enormously detailed photographs of a variety of sexual acts," Doyle said last month.

    Bagley said as far as the Vikings know, the investigation has turned up "no physical evidence and no photos" of Vikings engaged in sexual activities.

    Doyle said Thursday he didn’t know if police had been able to find photos. He agreed there may be no physical evidence because the Al and Alma’s crew cleaned up the boat and threw everything from the party in the garbage.

    "Now with hindsight and some yardstick, we say 'Well couldn’t they have behaved differently and couldn’t they have kept stuff?'" Doyle said. "Well, sure, but that wasn’t the normal situation. That wasn’t what was occurring. It was a long and very difficult day for them and night for them. They cleaned the boat and went home to try to get some sleep."

    Doyle said despite the delay, the crew was traumatized.

    "The fact that eight different people identify fairly outrageous behavior is not insignificant," Doyle said.

    The Vikings stressed the boat crew never called 911 that night, as was reported. Police weren’t contacted until several days later.

    Bagley believes the infamous cruise may end up much like a recent case at Bobby and Steve's Auto World in Minneapolis.

    Bryant McKinnie and Marcus A. Johnson were arrested on Sept. 26 and charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process.

    However, home video showed the two Vikings cooperating with police. The charges were dropped.

    Bagley says in the sex cruise story, there's been "a rush to judgment" and players' reputations are "unfairly damaged."

    At least two of the Vikings players have hired attorneys because they said their reputations have been damaged and they are considering lawsuits.

    However, McKinnie said he is not fazed by the allegations.

    "I’m more determined to go out there and play harder," McKinnie said. "(I will) just use this as motivation."

    Vikings players who were involved in the cruise could still be punished by the team. The organization will make that call when the investigation is over, possibly in the next two weeks.

    Hennepin County Sheriff Patrick D. McGowan said only when the investigation is completed will others be able to decide who is telling the truth and who is exaggerating.

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    Re: vikings do us proud again..............

    finnaly someone in the news understands that his friends are doorknobs!

    Go vikes!!

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    Re: vikings do us proud again..............

    breaking news---------------------------------------------------------------------------------One week after several Vikings players held a lewd party on a Lake Minnetonka boat, two players were seen throwing trash in a dumpster at a construction site in Eden Prairie. 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS obtained exclusive access to the trash - and the information it revealed.

    Bryant McKinnie and Mewelde Moore were seen throwing bags of trash in the dumpster. The eight bags contained what appeared to be remnants of a party, including aluminum tins of food, beer and champagne bottles, fireworks, disposable camera boxes, hallowed out cigars, something that looks like a marijuana bud, sexual and feminine hygiene products and Victoria's Secret underwear.

    There was also a drink receipt with Bryant McKinnie's credit card number and boarding passes with his name on them, as well as a list of women's names.

    The list was titled "Incoming Flights (pickups)" and was written on a piece of Minnesota Vikings paper. It contained women's names, airlines and flight times. The names 'Iris and Liris' are at the top, followed by 'Nivie + 5', 'Ayana and Dionne and Aisha', 'Sandra' and 'Tanika plus 3'. The total is 16.

    One of those names is familiar to a vice investigator from Atlanta.

    He says Ayana Angel is well known for operating all over the U.S. On her Web site she describes herself as a courtesan, which the dictionary defines as a prostitute with upper class clientele. The site also directs visitors to her starring roles in several triple x-rated movies.

    5 EYEWITNESS NEWS found her living in a nice suburb of Atlanta.

    "I really was legitimately going to go," Angel says. "Actually, I didn't go because they had a similar situation here with some other football players. But it's something they do every year."

    Angel says every year Vikings players bring in girls from Atlanta for a rookie party. "They're mostly strippers that they fly up and - given the situation - if you pay them, they'll do extracurricular activities," Angel says.

    According to Angel, the price is roughly $1,500.

    Angel says that the women are often paid in cash. "As the girl, you really don't care who paid you."

    When 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS asked McKinnie about women being paid for extracurricular activities, he responded "That's a lie. No lady on this list told you that. No woman would say, 'Yeah, I'm a prostitute.'"

    McKinnie did admit to dumping the garbage in the construction dumpster, but he says it is from a birthday party he had two weeks prior to the boat party.

    McKinnie's lawyer denied that there was any evidence of marijuana, and McKinnie says the women on the list were just friends. He describes them as everyday working women.

    Moore would not talk about the list or the boat cruise. He did admit to dumping garbage with McKinnie, but says it was just his home garbage that wouldn't fit in the barrel.

    The garbage is now in the custody of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department, which is investigating the items.
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    Re: vikings do us proud again..............

    The story was posted last night in the "More trouble for Vikings" thread.

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    Re: vikings do us proud again..............

    "singersp" wrote:
    The story was posted last night in the "More trouble for Vikings" thread.
    Zim tends to live in the Clubhouse. :wink:

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    Re: vikings do us proud again..............

    Most on Vikings cruise still unknown

    While an investigation into the Vikings' alleged sex cruise churns on, the team speaks out about the boat company's version of events. An exotic dancer from Atlanta also describes what she saw that day.

    David Chanen, Star Tribune
    Last update: November 4, 2005 at 11:27 PM

    Nearly a month after allegations about a sex party on Lake Minnetonka involving some Minnesota Vikings players, investigators haven't been able to identify the majority of the 90 people on the two boats.

    Inspector Bill Chandler of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office said several players have been identified, but he wouldn't give their names. Among the Vikings named by boat employees are the more recognizable faces on the team, Chandler said.

    The Vikings, meanwhile, raised questions about the boat company's version of events, and an exotic dancer from Atlanta described being paid to attend the party and what she observed on one boat.

    Vikings management, which has remained quiet about the investigation, is now starting to question details of the Oct. 6 party made public by the boat company's attorney, Stephen Doyle.

    Lester Bagley, the team's vice president of public affairs, said that Doyle has been the only source of information and that Doyle had to recant an earlier statement about alleged drug use during the party. Bagley said it appears that the attorney is more interested in setting up a civil suit than in having a fair investigation. If any Vikings engaged in the behavior Doyle has alleged, Bagley said, that behavior is indefensible and the team will take appropriate action when the investigation is complete.

    Doyle couldn't be reached for comment Friday.

    An exotic dancer from Atlanta who said she was on one of the boats said in a recent interview with the Star Tribune that she saw two incidents of sexual activity on her boat, but not as much as has been described in some news accounts. The woman, who spoke to the newspaper on the condition that her name not be published, said she was paid $500 to attend a party thrown by first-year Vikings players.

    On the boat, the woman said, she saw a couple who appeared to have just finished having sex in a bathroom and another couple on the upper deck who were undressed and engaged in intercourse.

    She said that she didn't know if any Vikings were involved and that it was her understanding that an invitation to the party didn't include an expectation to have sex. At least a dozen other exotic dancers from Atlanta attended the party, she said, but she didn't know if they were paid.

    "I wasn't flown up to be a prostitute," she said during an interview in Atlanta.

    Vikings helping

    Inspector Chandler said the Vikings have been very cooperative during the investigation.

    Boat employees of Al & Alma's Supper Club and Charter Cruises had identified 17 Vikings players as being on the boats, but several have publicly denied that they were on board. Some players on the list allegedly participated in sex acts. The list also includes players who apologized for the behavior of some teammates and who tried to protect the charter boat employees.

    Attorney Doyle has said cornerback Fred Smoot was one of the organizers, but Smoot has repeatedly denied it and has threatened legal action.

    The Sheriff's Office has contacted the Vikings they've identified, but none has spoken to investigators, Chandler said. The investigators probably will wait until the end of next week to discuss their progress with the law firm that will consider charges against anybody on the boat, he said. The Sheriff's Office will send investigators out of state if evidence leads them down that path, he said.

    The woman's story

    The exotic dancer who says she was on the boat contacted the newspaper after reading accounts of the boat party that she said gave the impression there was far more sexual activity on the boats than what she saw.

    The dancer, 25, said she was asked by a friend, who isn't a dancer, to go to Minneapolis for a Vikings party with all expenses paid. The friend had attended a first-year player event last year and had assured her it would be a fun and safe evening. The friend said the group of dancers was invited at the request of a third woman, who is also an exotic dancer from Atlanta and who had connections with the Vikings.

    The dancers from Atlanta stayed at the Spring Hill Suites by Marriott in Eden Prairie. There was supposed to be a dinner at the Mall of America, followed by a stop at a nightclub and a party at a mansion. But it turned out that no dinner at the Mall of America had been arranged, so the women walked to a restaurant near the hotel, she said.

    After dinner, the women were driven to Lake Minnetonka, the dancer from Atlanta said. The woman said one boat had already left the dock. Her boat had about 40 to 50 people, she said.

    She got a drink from the bar and mingled with people, she said. When she went the bathroom, she said, she opened the door and saw a woman putting on her clothes "real quickly."

    "I got the sense she and the man inside had just finished having sex," she said. "There were several used condoms on the floor."

    She then went to the open-air top floor of the boat to smoke. That's where she said she saw two people having intercourse. The woman was only wearing mittens, she said.

    "They were not in a secluded area," she said. "That blew me away."

    The woman said that she brought her friend upstairs to look and that the friend was equally surprised. She and her friend stayed close to the bar and a nearby exit for the rest of the remaining two hours of the outing, she said, so she didn't know if there was sexual activity in other parts of the boat.

    No one seemed 'out of control'

    Doyle, the boat company's attorney, has said the captains of both boats were concerned enough about the activity on the boats that they returned to shore earlier than the planned 3 1/2-hour cruise.

    He said that some of the staff felt threatened by players and that they were offered money for sex.

    The boats returned to shore at about the same time.

    The Atlanta woman said that the people on the other boat seemed really drunk but that nobody appeared to be out of control.

    The group of women was taken to a nightclub and later a party at a mansion, the woman said. When the news stories several days later described the alleged sex party, she said that she wondered why it was such a big deal.

    What really upset her was when her dad, a lifelong Vikings fan, asked her about the party. Her parents know she is a dancer and she told them she was on the boat.

    "He wanted to know if any players tried to take advantage of me, but nobody on the boat did," she said. "But I just wasn't comfortable with what I was seeing on the boat."

    The fact that the news stories made it seem like all the women on the boats were hired to have sex made her very angry, and she said she didn't want to be lumped into that category.

    The Vikings organization was also "kind of shell-shocked" by the stories, Bagley said. But he said the Vikings didn't have any information except what Doyle was saying on TV or to the media.

    Bagley said Doyle has discussed physical evidence from the boat and photographs -- both of which don't exist, he said. Bagley also said the list of people who were on the boat has proven to be inaccurate. He said his information comes from conversations the organization had with the Sheriff's Office and from other sources.

    David Chanen • 612-673-4465

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    Re: vikings do us proud again..............

    I don't really care anymore. they are grown men let them do what they want...................

    but not winning is what is making me mad...

    Go vikes!!

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    Re: vikings do us proud again..............

    I'm loving the fact that as more info come out, it's making Doyle looking more & more like the douche-bag lawyer he is.

    I've been saying all along, he's just been out to make some ching, by sueing some rich Vikings players on behalf of the crew in a civil suit.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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