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    Viking Warrior Code

    I have been recently kind of interested in this Swedish "death metal band", called Amon Amarth. They are a "Viking-themed melodic death metal band" (you can watch their videos on youtube, and they are all about Vikings. These guys really live the "Viking code". As a Vikes fan, I was interested.

    They recently talked about the "Viking Warrior Code" in some metal magazine. Some points:

    - Brotherhood
    - Friendship
    - Protecting family, friends, hearth and home, etc.
    - Realizing that no matter where we are born and what color our skin, "we all have the same battles to fight in life".
    - Being strong in spirit and battling through life's difficulties
    - Being good to all people and treating people with respect 'until they have proven to be an enemy'

    "These values apply whether you live in 700 A.D., or 2025 A.D.

    Thought I would share that.

    Their site:

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    Re: Viking Warrior Code

    The vikings, the real vikings, were awesome back in their day. That is the kind of life to live.
    We're bringing purple back.

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