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    [Video] So here we are, 23 Years Later...

    We're 4 days away from the 23rd anniversary of the Motown 25 special. Though most of us [including me] are too young to remember it, I'm sure if you ask most of your parents about it, they'll be able to tell you.

    On March 25, 1983, Michael performed with his brothers on Motown 25. After the Jackson 5 left the stage, Michael Jackson brought a crowd composed of celebrities to their feet with the famous live rendition of Billie Jean, where he moonwalked for the first time. The song went on to top the charts for a ridiculous amount of time.

    I know how most of the posters here feel about Michael Jackson, but still felt this would be worthy of posting. I don't particularly care for MJ as a person - at least the person he's become - but anyone who disrespects the man as an artist is crazy. Anyway, I've said enough - below is a link to the greatest live pop music performance of all time (back when he was still black!) For those of you whom care about good music and Fred Astaire/Gene Kelly esque dance, I hope you'll enjoy it. For the rest of you haters, you're nuts.



    It's in the Michael Jackson folder. I'll have Thriller in there later this week, hopefully. You need a Filecloud membership, but it's free, so you should sign up anyway.
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    [Video] So here we are, 23 Years Later...

    I miss the "old" Michael...Off The Wall was just the harbinger of what was to come...I am rarely one who goes out and just buys an album/CD because it is by a particular artist...but the day that "Thriller" came out, I was at the music store purchasing my very own copy...and was rewarded with one of the most complete collections of great pop tunes ever assembled on one album...too bad his personal life has now overshadowed his genius. I am old enough to remember his whole career and I miss the good old days when it was ALL about the music.

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