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Thread: Video game fame

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    Video game fame

    [size=12pt]Video game fame[/size]
    Long after Bo Jackson retired, the legend of Tecmo Bo lives on. For today's gamers, digital athletes are even realer than the real thing.
    By Jon Azpiri

    Feb 5, 2004 | For a couple of years in the late '80s, Bo Jackson seemed to be everywhere. As an outfielder for the Kansas City Royals and a part-time running back for the Los Angeles Raiders, Jackson became the first athlete to be named an All-Star in two major sports.

    Jackson's prominence turned out to be short-lived. He played in only 38 NFL games and never rushed for more than 1,000 yards in a season before retiring from football after a career-ending hip injury in 1991. After retiring from baseball in 1995, Jackson returned to college to get his degree and is now co-owner of N'Genuity Enterprises, a Scottsdale, Ariz., company that specializes in food and technology services.

    Today, one of the strongest reminders of Jackson's former glory is an obsolete yet still popular piece of video gaming technology. "I can guarantee that I can't go a week without someone mentioning something about 'Tecmo Bowl,'" says Jackson.

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    Re: Video game fame

    kinda like how AD is unstoppable in Madden now.

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