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    Video game addiction can lead to ruin

    As millions continue to spend large quantities of time in virtual worlds, what effect is this having on the real one?

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    Re: Video game addiction can lead to ruin

    Well there may be some creedance to this.....I have played Grand Theft Auto3 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City 4 and 5 times through, respectfully. Everytime I play I find something new.

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    Re: Video game addiction can lead to ruin

    There is a HUGE difference between gaming and being addicted to it though.
    It can become an addiction, but I think that is the exception, not the rule, and is usually precursed by some other type of compulsive behavior, similar to gambling (although gambling has a stronger reward schedule that is based on intermittent positive reinforcement).
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    Re: Video game addiction can lead to ruin

    I love playing video games, but I would never miss a day of work for it. I guess it can be addicting, but withdrawal syptoms I can't imagine are too serious.

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