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    Video Editing Software

    Well I just got a new hard drive camcorder for taping my twins.

    I know there are some fairly smart people in this community.
    Does anyone have suggestions for which video editing software would be best to get to edit the footage.

    Seems like there alot of choices around $100, all have pros and cons though from what I've read on the net.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Video Editing Software

    Can't help you, but am interested in similar information.
    I was wondering if there was any free software out there.
    The little bit I need to edit video, I can't justify spending $100.

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    Re: Video Editing Software

    I am a Mac user, and I swear by Final Cut Pro.

    It is extremely user-friendly, with tons of awesome features/effects etc...

    A little spendy tho.

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    Re: Video Editing Software

    i took a video editing class and we used pinnacle studio.
    it is an absolute POS program.
    I highly reccomend not getting it.

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