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Thread: Vasectomy today

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    Re: Vasectomy today

    Thanks for the heads up, or should I say HEAD"S down.....

    That reminds me, I have to get my dog done soon... ;D


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    Re: Vasectomy today

    My wife was really pressuring me to get one because we have two kids and both were not planned and we are so not having anymore. Problem is I am ultra bad with needles and having one stuck in my sack is equal to having a rail road spike stuck there in my mind. I did find a place that does needle-less vasectomys. Its an injection but using a high pressured airgun or something that pushes the numbing agent through the skin. I guess soon all injections on any kind will be done this way... Well long story short my wife ended up getting an IUD instead. But those only last 5 years so hopefully by then I can just take a pill and it will dissolve my goods from the inside out )

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    Re: Vasectomy today

    "enlvikeman" wrote:
    Laid but naked on table with legs in stirrups in a freezing cold operating room.

    To hot nurses assisting.

    Humiliated from major shrinkage due to the room's temperature being set on Ice Age.

    Typing this in front of my computer with a bag of frozen peas on my sac.

    Anyone relate?

    Oh boy,can I relate: Had it done wearing my Cris Carter jersey too! For a while,it felt like I had three balls from the slight bleeding.Hot nurse assisting on mine too...but if a wimp like me can do it,ANYONE can do it...
    Still waiting for the drugs to kick in...

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