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Thread: Uncensored O.J.

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    Prophet Guest

    Uncensored O.J.

    Web Site Shows Uncensored O.J. Simpson Video
    The Former Murder Suspect and Football Star Uses Technology to Try to Rebuild His Image
    ABC News
    Aug. 7, 2006

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    Re: Uncensored O.J.

    I wish people would just let this guy be. I know thats not a reality, but it's stupid to see a man that was NOT GUILTY in the eyes of an United States jury to continue to be in the spot light all the time still. Only him and god know what happened that night and if he's guilty he will be punished once he passes. Until then please no more O.J. news.

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Uncensored O.J.

    It appears to me that O.J. is the person that keeps bringing it up, this time by trying to rebuild his image. Good luck with that one O.J., I heard the killer migrates norh during the summer and plays gold in various small towns throughout the Midwest.

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    Re: Uncensored O.J.

    There is a new golf course near my house, I think the killer might be there.

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    Re: Uncensored O.J.

    At Jamie Fox's after the Oscars party OJ showed up, and Jamie made an announcement to all the party goers that this was a killer party and then announced that OJ Simpson was there and then he made OJ leave the party.

    Way to go Jamie!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Re: Uncensored O.J.

    They need to leave the man alone. :roll:
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