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    UFO spotted at O'hare Airport?

    I honestly believe in UFO's I am not sure if that is what they saw, but they thought they saw something.

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    Re: UFO spotted at O'hare Airport?

    They were talking about this on the news last night, but Comcast decided to do its emergency testing thing right in the middle of it, so I really didn't hear much.

    They said 7 people saw it though and they all gave the same discription of what they saw.

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    Re: UFO spotted at O'hare Airport?

    Isn't it funny that when people say they see something like this, others pass it off as being from the weather, or some other kind of weird lighting? I myself have never seen anything like that, but it makes you wonder if UFO's do exist..

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    Re: UFO spotted at O'hare Airport?

    I know that aliens exist. They just have to. There is no way with all the billions of stars out there that they cant. All the stars have planets around them and you can't say that not one of those planets have life on them.

    I don't know about UFO's. They would have to have unbelievable technology to make it to earth from where they are. Who knows though. Anything is possible.

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    Re: UFO spotted at O'hare Airport?

    Statistically, alien life has to exist.
    As cc correctly points out, there are billions and billions of stars out there, most of which have planets.
    The odds of life starting here but no where else are a statical impossibility.
    (Not going into the Intelligent Design debate - not the point here)

    However, as probable as alien life is, UFOs on earth are just as improbable.
    Not only would there have to be advanced sentient life out there (which statistically would be very rare even among all life on all planets), they would have to be able to develop space craft that defies known physics and then randomly make their way to earth.
    Possible, but almost a statistical impossibility.
    Zeus wrote:
    When are you going to realize that picking out the 20 bad throws this year and ignoring the 300 good ones does not make your point?


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    Re: UFO spotted at O'hare Airport?

    My experience with UFO's was pretty cool.

    I came home from wherever I was, I got into my driveway and saw a weird light in the sky. Me and my girlfriend joked that it was a UFO and went into my house. I was telling my mom about it and upon further investigation, we saw more there was more than meets the eye at our first glance.

    There were three lights, none of them were bright at the same time. They were alternating being bright. One would be bright and the other two would be dim. They didn't seem to alternate at a regular time, seemed to be random. When they were dim, you could barely see them. When they were bright, they changed colors rapidly. They were pretty much every color, but the most prominent was orange, white, yellow, and blue.

    I brought my moms video camera up to a hill to get a closer look, but I couldn't figure out how to work the thing. When I finally figured out how to work it, the battery went dead. I only got about 10 seconds of footage. People roll their eyes every time I tell this story, but are speechless when I show them the tape.

    Do I think it was a alien spacecraft? Nah.

    Do I think it was 100% unidentifiable? Hell yes.
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    Re: UFO spotted at O'hare Airport?

    Imagine travelling millions and millions of miles to arrive at Chicago. Then you find out that the Bears have Grossman and Griese as the starting and backup QB's.
    No wonder they cleared off again quickly

    Seriously though I don't doubt that they exist as I've read too many accounts of things to ignore them. One of these days there will be concrete proof found.
    Time spent annoying a Packer fan is never time wasted...

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