LONDON, Ky. - An argument over birthday balloons escalated into a fight that ended with one person in the hospital and two others facing criminal charges.

Police said Brad Freeman and Shawn Asher went to the in south-central Kentucky home of Charles Murphy and his 14-year-old son on Monday to ask about balloons that were allegedly stolen from a birthday party earlier that day.

The four began to argue and Murphy allegedly hit Asher in the head with a piece of pipe, according to a statement from the Laurel County sheriff's office.

Murphy's son, whose name was not released, picked up a baseball bat and began to hit Asher as well, the statement said.

Freeman and Asher were able to get to their car and drive away.

Asher was taken to Marymount Medical Center in London and was later flown to University of Kentucky Hospital, where he was in serious condition Tuesday afternoon, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported on its Web site.

Murphy and his son were charged with first-degree assault, the sheriff's office said.;_ylt=Aj2IbDTC2O9ZGJp0DDskBEQsQ E4F