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    Re: Twisted Girl Throws Puppies in River..Caution

    I was so appalled as i saw this video. I don't want to be a pessimist but isn't this showing how farcical and cruel our world is becoming.

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    Re: Twisted Girl Throws Puppies in River..Caution

    Okay, I saw the video once (and I will never watch it again!) and decided to find out the reason for her actions in the video. I just couldn't go to bed not knowing why some people would do such thing.

    Apparently, she posted an official statement with an explanation and an apology after the massive pressure from Internet-users World wide.

    This is what it says (not word-by-word) :

    She explains that the puppies were only three days old (most likely correct, judging from the footage) and belonged to her grandma.

    She says that all the puppies were infected by some kind of parasites which they had received from their mother.

    She explains that her grandma told her to "get rid of them" because they were ill.

    She further explains that she "didn't know exactly what to do" so she decided to throw them in the river because she believes it's a "short death".

    Lastly, she says that she is sorry and that she had no intention to make the puppies suffer. Whether she's talking about the way she put them to death, or the puppies' illness, is uncertain.


    My thoughts:

    1. She did the right thing by putting them to death IF the puppies were in deed suffering or would eventually suffer and die.

    2. The method for putting the puppies to death were definitely wrong, but she apparently is no veterinarian and her actions was likely based on lack of knowledge.

    This brings me back to her grandma (old ladies are getting a bad reputation this month) who gave her puppies to her grand-daughter (at barely legal age may I add) and told her to "get rid of them".
    Way to go grandma! [sarcasm intended]

    3. I think it's important to notice that she's aware of what she has done, and that it was wrong.

    NB: Her statement has not yet been verified.

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