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    Twins and Tigers series

    As a Tiger fan, I believe this is an important series. To even have a chance to be a wild card, the Tig's have to beat the Twins, have to over take them. I know theres alot of Twin fans here, but as a Tiger fan, its been a long drought for us. Any comments? I think with our young pitching staff starting to pitch well, it could be an interesting summer. ps. I used to have a plastic Twin helmet when I was a kid, so I dont dislike the Twins, I'm just a Tiger fan.

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    Re: Twins and Tigers series

    I don't dislike the Tigers at all, but I wouldn't count on it. At the beginning of the season, Dmitri Young said that the division would come down to the Tigers and the Indians. I think he got the wrong response when the Twins and White Sux got off to such hot starts, good luck to your team. I just don't see it this year, but I have been wrong before.
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    Re: Twins and Tigers series

    To really be thinking about wild card, and playoffs, before the Allstar break is ridiculous.
    That being said,the Tigers, could be playing the Twins at the right time.Our starting pitching staff has been struggling, and our bullpen is getting shelled.

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    Re: Twins and Tigers series

    The Twins will come around and the tigers will fall off the face of the Earth so to speak yet again after the break!!

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