Has anybody heard more about how the Twins will handle the transition to the new ballpark for season ticket holders.
I am not a Twins ticket holder, but I am curious as to how they do it, since it may have an effect on the Vikings ticket transitions when the new stadium opens up.

The only thing I could find on it was dated Jan 29:
When will we be able to pick out our seats in the new park? – Current Twins season ticket holders have already secured new ballpark priority. That priority will come into play later in 2007 when the team announces the complete new ballpark ticket transition plan. While the Twins will launch premium seat (suites and club seats) sales in the spring of this year, the current plan calls for the team to actually begin assigning specific seats in the new ballpark in early 2008.
I am guessing it will be handled something like seat relocation, where everybody sends in their seating preferences, and then they are assigned by priority.

Just another reason NOT to give up your Vikings season tickets during these rebuilding years.
If you do, you are also giving up your seniority for the new stadium...