I attended Twins Fest at the Metrodome over the weekend and came away with several positive feelings, but one rather large negative feeling. Let me start by pointing out some of the positives. First the 3d, 5foot 5 model of the new stadium really has me excited for the 2010 season. I am so excited I may actually invest in season tickets next season to assure my place when the new stadium opens up. Second the tour of the club house is always cool for the kids. Third all the activities set up down on the field are pretty sweet for a kid wantiing to play ball in a major league park. The whole thought of Twins Fest in general is pretty sweet, and a great oppurtunity to get out and see what new with the team.

Now for the negative part. I have been attenting twins games all my life. I have been attending Twins Fest for several years as well.The main issue every year at Twins fest is the utter lack of respect "autograph hounds" pay to kids who are trying to get a autogragh from players. These are the same guys who turn around and cash in on what they got ,30 minutes after they get home on EBAY. You see these 30-60 year old men standing in line with books full of cards, bags full of helmets, jerseys over there shoulders,etc... Meanwhile the kids are waiting in line. (in Joe Mauers case saturday 90 minutes!!!) Granted everyone has a right to have there memorbillia signed do not get me wrong. But these are the same clowns who are at every Twins game sitting back in the parking lot waiting for the players to arrive at the Dome gate and doing the same thing. I do not understand why the Twins Organization does not designate a Kids line that would feed 10 kids then 5 adults. This would allow the children the oppurtunity to get a autograph and meet the player, plus limit the "autograph hounds" line. Of course there are the few of us like myself who is 29, that still would enjoy getting my jersey autographed. So of course there is always exception. The whole thing is very frustrating to a fan like myself who would like to take the kids out to the ballpark and introduce them to a few MLB players. Anyways I hope the Twins start to take note of this and implement some form of change.

I would be interested to hear other peoples take on this, and Twins Fest in General.