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    Twins Asst. Mgr to Cincinnati as General Manager

    CINCINNATI -- Minnesota's Wayne Krivsky overwhelmed the Cincinnati Reds' new owner during an interview Wednesday, then got the job as their next general manager.

    Krivsky's hiring ended a two-week search that involved eight candidates and ultimately came down to two -- him and Reds special adviser Jim Beattie. Krivsky's second interview went so well that owner Bob Castellini didn't need any more time to think it over.

    "He was totally prepared," Castellini said. "He blew us away."

    Krivsky was a leading candidate for the Reds' job two years ago, but former owner Carl Lindner chose Dan O'Brien, who had worked for the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers. O'Brien was fired last month by Castellini, who wanted to bring in his own executive to run the baseball operation.

    The two share passionate personalities and similar views on how to run a team -- hire good people, develop a strong farm system, make sure to connect with fans.

    "We connected," Krivsky said. "Very compatible. Very similar ideas on how you run a quality organization."

    In a symbolic gesture, Castellini inscribed a baseball and handed it to the 51-year-old Krivsky, who comes from a small-market team that knows how to win. The Twins won three straight AL Central titles from 2002-04 with comparable payrolls.

    "It was a very big consideration -- very big," Castellini said.

    Krivsky knows a lot about the Reds already. They were one of the
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    Re: Twins Asst. Mgr to Cincinnati as General Manager

    so does this mean he might make the reds not suck?

    that would be a very difficult task.

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