We have:

- AJ
- Brita
- Krisandra

all looking for your votes.

AJ and Krisandra continue to dominate the voting each and every week, but Brita could surprise being in the top 3.
You just never know the way the voters go.

Get your bandwagon revved up, call your friends, family members, and anyone else who you happen to know...send them to PP.O and have them vote!

One vote per day per person...please.
We had some multi-voting this past week.
Don't let breaking the rules disqualify your gal.
That would just be uncool.
Follow the rules, get the support going, and let's get a winner in the next couple of weeks!
Maybe this year the winner will get her award before the season is up.
How cool would that be?

Congrats Krisandra...again.
Can anyone stop her?

[img size=100]http://www.purplepride.org/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/ScreenHunter_207.jpg[/img]