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    Re: Tom Hanks Died ???????

    "Mr" wrote:
    According to this site it's not true.

    Wilson must be very relieved.
    Ha haa...Wilson!

    Good one!

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    Re: Tom Hanks Died ???????

    He should have making castaway,
    Worst 3 hours of my life.

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    Re: Tom Hanks Died ???????

    yeah pretty sure if it was true CNN would be all over it. That would probably be considered the Biggest celeberity death this year

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    Re: Tom Hanks Died ???????

    do you think maybe you should have double checked with another site, MAYBE AN AMERICAN ONE before believing, let alone posting, this :

    edit: especially as a member with over 1000 posts :-[

    How do ya like them apples?!

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    Re: Tom Hanks Died ???????

    "vikesoto" wrote:

    Man I sure was fooled !

    You said the same thing about Rosie O' Donnels sexuality C'mon!!
    When All else least theres Football. Beer, and Women (not necessarily in that order)

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