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    Tom Brady to be Snagglepuss' Bitch


    Apparently, some of the New England Patriots haven’t gotten the memo that being a metrosexual is out and being a he-man is in.

    QB/QT Tom Brady, who spends way too much time on his appearance, has brought many of his brethren over to the metro side. No. 12 reports that Dan Koppen and Matt Cassel have both received hair highlights from Tom’s personal coiffure king Pini Swissa.

    “He’s slowly but surely gaining most of our team,” Tom told KISS 108’s Matt Siegel at the Culture Shock Fashion Show the other night at EF Education in Cambridge.

    So if Mr. Salon Pini told you to shave your legs, you’d do it, asked Matty.

    “If Pini said do it, I’d probably do it,” Tom said. “Pini’s in control, I don’t have any control anymore.”

    Score one for Pini, zero for Brady’s leading lady Bridget Moynahan.

    “It’s not good when your girlfriend starts to tell you how to look or how to dress or what to look like or what to wear, right?” No. 12 said.

    But would she get a vote in the waxing department?

    “Oh, yeah, I think so . . .I don’t think I’ll be waxing anytime soon.”

    What a relief for copycats Dan Koppen and Matt Cassel!

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    Re: Tom Brady to be Snagglepuss' beeyatch

    I think that Bridget is a BEARD!!!

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