[size=12pt]Tillman's widow lends her strength[/size]
Kent Somers
Apr. 14, 2008 07:44 PM
The Arizona Republic

In the four years since Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan, a multitude of voices have weighed in on all aspects of his life, from his selfless decision to leave a promising NFL career to become an Army Ranger, to the circumstances of his death, to the deception that followed it.

One of the few voices we haven't heard, however, belongs to the person closest to Tillman: his widow, Marie. She has made few public appearances over the past four years and granted no interviews. There have been no sit-downs with Katie Couric, no emotional appearances on Oprah, no sitting across the desk from Larry King.

That is changing - at least a little. Marie Tillman is increasing her level of involvement in the foundation that bears her late husband's name, and with that comes the opportunity to talk about Pat's impact on people, as well as the challenge of carrying on his legacy.