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    Re: Tiger to have season-ending knee surgery

    "i_bleed_purple" wrote:
    I'd love to see him even come close to Jack Nicklaus's records.
    While watching the US Open, the announcers brought up that in order for Tiger to beat Jack Nicklaus's top 10 record, he'd have to come top 10 in all major tournaments from now untill 2012.
    It was actually until 2019 (not 2012) and it was for the top 10 finishes.
    It's 73 (Nicklaus) and 24 (Tiger)

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    Re: Tiger to have season-ending knee surgery

    "Prophet" wrote:
    [size=12pt]Man Who Used Stick To Roll Ball Into Hole In Ground Praised For His Courage[/size]
    June 19, 2008

    SAN DIEGO—A man who used several different bent sticks to hit a ball to an area comprised of very short grass surrounding a hole in the ground was praised for his courage Monday after he used a somewhat smaller stick to gently roll the ball into the aforementioned hole in fewer attempts than his competitors. "What guts, what confidence," ESPN commentator Scott Van Pelt said of the man, who was evidently unable to carry his sticks himself, employing someone else to hold the sticks and manipulate the flag sticking out of the hole in the ground while he rolled the ball into it. "You have to be so brave, so self-assured, so strong mentally to [roll a ball into a hole in the ground]. Amazing." The man in question apparently hurt his knee during this activity.
    LOL - I was JUST going to post this.
    Yeah, he had to walk 5 miles while someone else carried his bag.


    I have more pain that that getting out of the bed every morning.


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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