There are some very good reasons we pay the Auto Industry to build our cars.
Number one is that we as individuals are not very good at it.
Number two is we tend to take shortcuts that kinda work (Do you want to trust "kinda work" on your morning commute?).

Luckily, this was test driven on a test track and not in traffic.
I wonder if a little "Yankee Ingenuity" might smooth over some of the rough spots on this thing?
...Probably NOT!


You might want to spare a thought for this poor sap from British publication Autocar. His mission? To test-drive the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust electric car, as created by Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, Hamster Hammond, and James May.

How could anyone not doff their chapeau to a man who compares the home-made electric shopping cart car to a 911? (I am assuming he means a Porsche, but maybe he's talking about the emergency phone number.) Other great lines: "It actually does go, but I'm not sure how well it stops." And the rest? Oh, just watch the video and put off the great Black Friday tidy-up until later.