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    Then all at once, a country song broke out ...

    DES MOINES, Iowa - A Des Moines man was arrested on suspicion of operating while intoxicated Saturday after allegedly crashing into six parked cars, running over his dog and hitting his own house.

    Witnesses told police that Matthew John Payne, 30, hit “a couple of (parked) cars and some mailboxes” before ramming into an oncoming car, leaving his front fender and license plate on the street.

    Witnesses said Payne then drove around cars stopped at a four-way stop, ran the stop sign and rear-ended another car. Payne reportedly got out of his car, checked the damage and then returned to his car and drove it home, hitting two more mailboxes on the way.

    Witnesses said Payne hit his dog in his driveway before crashing into his house.

    Payne told the responding officers that he had not been drinking. Payne submitted to several sobriety tests, which police said he failed, and was charged with operating while intoxicated and four counts of hit-and-run.

    Payne was laughing when police found him. He told them he had recently changed his brakes.

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    Re: Then all at once, a country song broke out ...

    Although there can be other causes for his eractic driving....I think he was drunk off his A$$!! :lol:
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