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    Texas justice of the peace sued over paddlings

    BROWNSVILLE, Texas - A family sued a justice of the peace Wednesday, complaining that he ordered a man to paddle his teenage stepdaughter in the courtroom and threatened to convict her of truancy if he didn't.

    The lawsuit filed by Mary Vasquez and her husband, Daniel Zurita, described the paddle provided by Gustavo Garza, Cameron County justice of the peace, as fashioned from a thick piece of lumber.

    "The word 'club' could be fairly used as a substitute for the word 'paddle' here as it appears to be something which may have been cut from a (2-by-4) piece of lumber," attorney Mark Sossi wrote in the family's petition...........;_ylt=AjOSExgSOIw5uBiFsfx JTeMsQE4F

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    Re: Texas justice of the peace sued over paddlings

    reminds me of simpsons where bart messes with australia and then he moons them.
    We're bringing purple back.

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