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    Tarver vs. Hopkins

    Anyone else gonna watch the Antonio Tarver vs. Bernard Hopkins fight tonight? It's a $50 pay-per-view fight, but I'm gonna head down to the local sports bar to check it out (only $10 cover plus the cost of beer). It should be a good one.
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    Re: Tarver vs. Hopkins

    I'm not a huge boxing fan, but I'm excited about the Tarver vs. Hopkins fight.

    I think my roomate and I will go the sports bar to watch it.

    If they fight, the way they've been talking trash for the last few weeks, somebody is going to get knocked out tonight.
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    Re: Tarver vs. Hopkins

    What a great fight (especially if you're a Hopkins fan)! Ol' Tarver looked slow and intimidated. I doubt Hopkins retires at this point, but we'll see...
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    Re: Tarver vs. Hopkins

    They are gonna throw a TON of money at him not to will be very tempting to take another fight! DON'T do it, Bernard!!! Go out on TOP!!!

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