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    Sunday's Commercials

    While watching the NFC Championship game this Sunday in the late afternoon, when I'm sure several children and families were watching, I noticed some commercials.

    Every commercial break, there was an ad for Levitra and they even said out loud something about enhancing or improving sex life / sexual experience (I forget exactly). And then the next commercial was for beer, and lumberjack lingerie (Great commercial by the way), and then previews for a fox show that showed a guy firing a gun.

    But Moss fake-mooning is apparently much, much worse than any of those. We live in a very strange world.

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    Sunday's Commercials

    The one I liked was how the week after Moss's fake moon, Fox was showing previews to "Arrested Development". This highlight of my day, showed someone dumping an ice chest over young lady's chests, and someone chasing a chick around the bases spanking her. Joe Buck missed the boat in his outrage by one week. That add was disgusting, but is his paycheck. Not much different than ABC's Monday night silliness with T.O. IMO. But you couldn't even have it on NFL Network without stuff like that. So it goes. ANYTHING to get viewers. Oh, and wait, no comment almost about F. Mitchells deal? Was there no fine either? That was almost the same thing. Only difference is, it wasn't Moss.

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    Sunday's Commercials

    Quit whining. It's old news. Move on from it. Think happy thoughts. Go to your safe place! Sheesh!!!!

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    Sunday's Commercials

    Buck Joe F***!!!

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    Sunday's Commercials

    We're still on this topic?? Joe Buck hates Minnesota and Randy Moss, even if everyone in the world writes to him and tells him what a jack a$$ he is, he would still trash talk Randy and the Vikes.

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    Sunday's Commercials

    What's wrong with firing a gun?
    Even babies know the difference.

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