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    Study: Not Being An Asshole Boss May Boost Employee Morale

    [size=12pt]Study: Not Being An Asshole Boss May Boost Employee Morale[/size]
    July 30, 2008 | Issue 44•31

    WAUKEGAN, IL—In what is being called a breakthrough discovery in worker-administrator relations, a study released Monday in the Journal Of Occupational Science found that not being a total asshole supervisor may be linked to improved worker spirit. "In nearly every trial, we found staff morale runs considerably higher when bosses don't read workers' e-mail over their shoulders, complain about their superior salaries, or act in any way like giant, self- centered assholes," said Erica Gorochow, one of the study's researchers. "Similarly, we found that typical dick manager phrases like 'I don't disagree' can weaken worker disposition by as much as 63 percent." Although the study's findings have already sent shock waves through the business community, Gorochow warned that some of the results may have been compromised, as the bitch lead researcher was breathing down her neck the whole time.
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    Re: Study: Not Being An Asshole Boss May Boost Employee Morale

    Bosses eat too many onions

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