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    Students get sick after eating peer-prepared food

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Students at one Birmingham school can honestly say homework made them sick. Nearly half of the students in a Smith Middle School language arts class became ill Friday after tasting meals that students had prepared as part of an assignment.

    Birmingham schools spokeswoman Michaelle Chapman said the students were to write about their favorite dish and how it was prepared. The teacher allowed them to make and bring the dish to class if they wished.

    Of the 18 students, 16 of them brought in dishes and eight students got sick after tasting them..........;_ylt=Asv2ZYWMck1f1MnMROYJkKgsQ E4F

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    Re: Students get sick after eating peer-prepared food

    I blame the teachers for not telling the kids how to cook their food
    We're bringing purple back.

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