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    Strahan comments on MNF

    Some of you all probably saw that little interview with Strahan during the sunday night game last night. The woman interviewing him asked him how he felt about coach Coughlin and he said something to the effect of...under him you will have different rules, some you are not used to, but after you start to win, the rules dont matter - only the Ws do, and you start to appreciate winning. When he said that all I could think of is how badly we need a coach like that.

    Think of all the good teams in the league - they all have good, disciplinary coaches that set down rules and bench/fire anyone who does not abide by them, ala Bill Parcells. Even though Parcells' team had a down year, they always play their hearts out and they have a better future to look forward to next year. And the other coaches like Belichek and Cowher have their teams with a combined record of 29-3 atop the AFC. Bottom line is, we need a strong willed coach who will be a coach and a motivator and a leader, and not a coach like Tice who is trying to be buddy buddy with all the players and will never put his foot down. The reason all the players like Tice so much is because they basically have their own free ride. Players will reject tough coaches at first, but after the winning comes, everything is history and they appreciate and respect their coach.

    I really hope we get a new guy on the sidelines for next year (Red can still fire Tice for next year) because next year will be another year of the same - The team will lack a fighting attitude, discipline and motivation. We have way too much talent to let these years fly by like this.

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    Strahan comments on MNF


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    Strahan comments on MNF

    Yes its a little scary once you look at it, alot of our best players are not getting any younger. Now is the time, now or never. GET'R DONE!

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