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Thread: STFU, T-HO!

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    STFU, T-HO!

    Why NOT???

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    Re: STFU, T-HO!

    T.O.hhhhh boo hoooo poor me everyone picks on me....look I'm crying real tears here...I was picked on when I was a kid....booo hoooo hoooo.

    what a little bitch.

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    Re: STFU, T-HO!

    He needs to learn that he can't get away with talking smack about people and it not coming back at him. He's vilified because everyone knows who he really is, a spoiled, me-first, selfish, whiny, petulant little brat who happens to have an amazing talent which rewards him spectacularly, financially.

    And waaah waaah waaah, he was picked on as a kid so that's why he acts like a bitch now? My question is: who WASN'T picked on at some point when they were a kid?!

    If he wasn't saying all this "why me?" stuff in interviews to promote his book THAT SLAMS EVERYBODY OTHER THAN T-O, I would be half-inclined to think about it for more than 5 seconds. The problem is, he's done his job by getting himself, and by proxy his book, into the public conciousness.

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    Re: STFU, T-HO!

    Already posted Cajun!

    Looks like So-cal vike beat you to it.

    T.O. Why ME?

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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